Medical Studies in Moldova: Best Choice for International Students

Study Medicine as an International Student

Choosing the right university for higher education is a critical decision for any student. For those seeking to study medicine as an international student, Moldova has emerged as a top destination. Moldovan Medical Universities are increasingly recognized for their English-taught programs, affordability, and conducive study environment.

Why Moldova is Ideal for International Students Opting for Studying Medicine?

High-Quality Education
Moldovan Medical Institutes provide a rigorous curriculum that meets international standards. These programs offer a solid foundation in medical sciences, paired with practical training to ensure comprehensive education.

Affordable Tuition Fees
Moldova offers an affordable education compared to many Western countries. Tuition fees at Moldova Medical Institute are:

  • Medicine: €6000 per academic year
  • Dentistry: €7000 per year
  • Pharmacy: €4000 annually

These fees are significantly lower than those in many European and North American institutions, making it a cost-effective option for international students. Additionally, the cost of living in Moldova is lower, further reducing the financial burden on students and their families.

English-Taught Programs
To study medicine as an international student in a foreign country may be already stressful. The Moldova Medical Institute offers medical courses in English, which is crucial for international students who may not be proficient in the local language but wish to pursue their education in Moldova.

Global Recognition
Degrees from Moldova Medical Institute are recognized worldwide, and the institute is listed in international medical directories. This allows graduates to practice in various countries after passing the necessary licensing exams.

Modern Facilities and Resources
The institute is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including modern laboratories, libraries, and simulation centers to make it easy to study medicine as an international student. These resources are essential for providing hands-on experience and preparing students for real-world medical challenges.

Supportive Environment
Moldova Medical Institute fosters a supportive and inclusive environment for international students. Various support services, including academic counseling, accommodation assistance, and cultural integration programs, ensure that students feel at home and can focus on their studies.

Cultural Diversity
Moldova is known for its cultural diversity and hospitality. International students will find a welcoming atmosphere and opportunities to engage with peers from various backgrounds, enriching their educational experience.

How to Apply to a Medical University as an International Student

International students must have completed their higher secondary education with science subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, and English. They must meet the minimum academic requirements specified by the institute.

Application Submission
Students need to collect and submit all required documents to ensure a smooth application process.

Admission Test/Interview
Some programs may require applicants to pass an entrance examination or attend an interview. Details regarding these requirements are usually provided during the application process.

Visa Process
Once accepted, students will need to apply for a student visa. Assistance and consultancy services are available to help with the visa application process, ensuring a smooth transition to Moldova.

Monthly Costs for International Students in Moldova

Accommodation costs for medical students range from 70 to 150 euros per month, depending on the room type. Students can also rent apartments in Chisinau.

Special student monthly passes for public transport cost around 20 euros per quarter. Check the prices here.

Living Expenses
Daily living expenses, including food and personal items, average around 200-300 euros per month. Overall, students should budget around 300-500 euros monthly for a comfortable living experience.

Major Universities in Moldova

Find an overview of top-ranked universities in Moldova for international students here.


For international students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine, Moldova offers an ideal blend of quality education, affordability, and a supportive environment. With internationally recognized programs and modern facilities, Moldovan Medical Institute prepares students for successful medical careers globally. Considering these factors, it is indeed a top choice for students looking to study abroad.

For more detailed information on courses, fees, and the application process, visit this page or contact us directly.

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