Opening a Bank Account in Moldova

Moldova, renowned for its progressive approach towards business and banking, is becoming a preferred destination for a diverse array of entities, such as IT companies, digital nomads, freelancers, and international firms. With the opportunity to easily open a bank account in Moldova, the country stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking simplified banking procedures, thereby enhancing its appeal for company formation and comprehensive banking needs.

Simplified Bank Account Opening procedure in Moldova

Opening a bank account in Moldova, especially post-company formation, is a streamlined process:

Steps to Follow for successful bank account opening in Moldova:

  1. Gather Company Formation Documents: All necessary documents are collected during the company setup phase in Moldova.
  2. Complete KYC Requirements: A comprehensive KYC file is prepared, adhering to European standards.
  3. Appoint Legal Representation: Our lawyer is issued a power of attorney for client representation at the bank.
  4. Submission to the Bank: Documents such as the company incorporation certificate and complete KYC file are submitted.
  5. Initial Bank Meeting: If required, a brief introductory meeting with the bank is arranged, typically via Teams.

Required Documents for bank account opening in Moldova:

Certificate of Incorporation: Verifying the legal formation of your company in Moldova.

KYC Documentation: Including a passport copy and two proofs of address (excluding neobank statements).

Our services are tailored for a wide audience, ranging from Moldova IT companies and consultancy businesses to digital nomads and freelancers looking to benefit from Moldova’s business-friendly environment. Whether it’s for a Moldova company setup or Moldova bank account opening, our approach is designed to meet the needs of various business scales and types.

Banking in Moldova: An Attractive Proposition

Moldova’s banking sector is not only reliable and stable but also integrated with global banking standards. This makes it particularly attractive for international businesses and those seeking multicurrency accounts. Our recommended banks provide an array of services suitable for Moldova business banking needs, from regular transactions to complex international transfers.

Highlighted Banks in Moldova:

– Banca Comerciala „MOLDOVA – AGROINDBANK” S.A. – Partnered with HEIM Partners Limited, which includes the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Horizon Capital, and AB Invalda INVL.

– Banca Comerciala „Moldindconbank” S.A.

– Banca Comerciala „VICTORIABANK” S.A. – Part of Grupul Banca Transilvania, a leading financial group in Romania.

OTP Bank S.A. – A part of the OTP Group, a significant player in the Central and Eastern European banking sector.

These institutions are ideal for anyone interested in bank account opening in Moldova, offering competitive fees and specialized services for businesses, especially in the IT sector and Free Economic Zones.

Types of Bank Accounts Available in Moldova

Moldovan banks offer a range of account types, including savings, credit cards, debit cards, cashback options, Visa Platinum, and MasterCard Premium (excluding American Express).

Unique Banking Features in Moldova:

  • Multi-Currency Accounts: Available in EUR, USD, CHF, RUB, SEK, and others upon request.
  • Advanced IT Infrastructure: Reflecting the fact that 5% of Moldova’s GDP comes from IT, banks here offer exceptional mobile banking and systems.

Internet and Mobile Banking Facilities in Moldova

Moldova’s banks offer comprehensive customer support in English, especially for business accounts, ensuring that international clients receive the assistance they need.

Why Choose Moldova for Your Banking Needs?

Moldova is swiftly becoming a hotspot for company formation and bank account opening, especially for businesses in the IT sector and digital nomads. With a hassle-free bank account opening procedure in Moldova, English-speaking customer service, and advanced banking features, Moldova stands out as a strategic choice for global businesses.

If you’re looking to expand your business or explore new opportunities, consider Moldova for company setup and banking. Reach out to us to begin your journey in one of Europe’s most business-friendly environments.


Check out our full and comprehensive overview on our Bank Account Opening in Moldova page.

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