Step-by-step guide to Register a company in Moldova

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Navigating how to register a company in Moldova: A Comprehensive Overview

Registering a company in Moldova can be a strategic move for entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. With a streamlined process and clear legal framework, Moldova offers an attractive landscape for company formation. This guide covers the essential steps and considerations for registering a company in Moldova, ensuring a smooth and successful incorporation.

1.Identifying the Founder

The first critical step to register a company in Moldova is identifying the founder(s). This requires detailing the names, citizenship, and residency of all individuals involved. It’s crucial to establish whether the founder(s) has the full set of documentation for our internal KYC file and can pass bank’s compliance check.

2. CEO’s Role and Citizenship

The next step involves appointing the CEO and confirming their citizenship. If the CEO is not a Moldovan citizen and has not previously visited Moldova, additional steps may be required such as ordering a e-signature from the specialized agency and adding the records in the Annual General Meeting.

3. Declaring UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners)

Moldovan company law requires the identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs). For corporate founders, a clear representation of the UBOs’ ownership structure is necessary. This step is vital for compliance with international financial regulations.

4. Determining Company Details

Key details such as the company’s name, share capital, registered activities, and address must be decided. It’s advisable to have up to three alternative names for the company, ensuring they comply with Moldovan regulations. The share capital amount should reflect the company’s financial structure, and the list of activities must align with your business objectives. A registered address in Moldova is mandatory for all official and legal correspondences which we can offer.

5. Streamlined Company Formation

There is a streamlined and efficient procees to register a company in Moldova, known for its quick turnaround, makes it a desirable destination for business incorporation. For those unfamiliar with the company formation process in Moldova, consulting with legal experts or company formation agents is recommended. Contact us here to get the most up-to-date knowledge about the process.

In conclusion, registering a company in Moldova is a straightforward process, provided you have a clear understanding of the requirements. With its favorable business environment, Moldova presents lucrative opportunities for businesses aiming to establish a foothold in Europe.


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