Study in Moldova for International Student

Why Study in Moldova?

Moldova offers a unique cultural experience with high-quality education at affordable costs. Studying in Moldova provides students with the opportunity to experience diverse cultures, rich history, and excellent academic programs. The universities are recognized internationally, making degrees from Moldova valuable worldwide. The country’s universities’ programs, Medicine and Economic Studies, offer internationally recognized degrees that adhere to the Bologna Process, ensuring compatibility with European standards

Moldova’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant student life provide a unique experience, providing personal growth and global perspectives. Additionally, the low cost of living, including reasonable accommodation and daily expenses, makes it an attractive destination for students. The country’s strategic location in Eastern Europe offers easy access to other European countries, enhancing travel and cultural exchange opportunities. With programs available in Romanian, Russian, and English, Moldova caters to a diverse international student body, making it a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

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How It Works?

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Application Submission

Visa Application and Health Insurance

Arrival and Settling In

Requirements for Applying to a University in Moldova

For Incorpore to assist you with applying to Moldovan universities as an international student, we will generally need the following:

1. Academic Documents:
Translated and legalized copies of your high school diploma (for Bachelor’s) or Bachelor’s degree (for Master’s).
2. Application Form:
By choosing Incorpore to assist with your application, we ensure that your application form is meticulously completed, maximizing your chances of acceptance and minimizing any potential issues during the admission process.
3. Documents Proof of English Proficiency:
For English programs, applicants are required to provide proof of English proficiency with a certificate at level B2, either through IELTS or TOEFL
3.1 Learn Romanian: Universities provide first year students with national language courses.
4. Valid Passport and recent photographs.
5. Proof of Payment for application and tuition fees.
6. Admission Fee: Typically around €100.

Benefits of Studying in Moldova

Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to other European countries, Moldovan universities offer competitive tuition rates.
Quality Education: Universities in Moldova adhere to high academic standards and offer a variety of programs.
Cultural Diversity: Students get to experience the rich culture and traditions of Moldova.
Cost-Effective Living: The cost of housing, food, and other daily expenses are generally lower compared to many Western countries, allowing for a comfortable lifestyle on a budget.
International Recognition: Degrees from Moldovan universities are recognized worldwide, providing students with global career opportunities.

How much are the student and living costs in Moldova?

  • Tuition Fees: For Bachelor’s programs, fees typically range from €1000 to €2700 per year. Master’s programs also fall within this range.
  • Living Costs: Average monthly expenses, including student accommodation (€30-€50), food (€150-€300), and transportation pass (€20 per quarter), are around €200 to €400 per month.
  • Other Fees: Admission fees are usually around €100, but this can vary depending on the university.

Applying to a University in Moldova

  1. Research Programs: Identify the programs and universities that align with your academic interests and career goals. We will support with providing the available programs in English.
  2. Prepare Documents: Incorpore will support in providing the list with all academic documents required, which need to be translated and legalized. Obtain proof of language proficiency (English or Romanian).
  3. Submit Application: Incorpore will take the responsibility of filling out the application forms and submitting them along with the required documents.
  4. Secure Funding: Arrange for payment of tuition fees and secure financial proof for your stay. For Visa Application you will need to provide a proof of €3000 available in your bank account.
  5. Health and Insurance: Obtain a medical certificate and health insurance for the duration of your study. Incorpore will guide you through the process.
  6. Visa Application: Once we receive the acceptance letter from the University, we will gather all necessary documents and apply for your student visa.
  7. Student Accommodation: We will arrange with the university to provide student accommodation starting from €35/month depending on your preferences.
  8. Residence Permit: Incorpore will fully assist you with the documentation at migration and submitting the full package.
  9. Free Open Bank Account: By choosing us as your student advisors, we will offer you a bonus of a free Mastercard Platinum credit card in one of the best banks in Moldova.

International Students in Moldova

Currently, there are approximately 5000 international students in Moldova. International students often choose Moldova for its affordable tuition fees and cost of living, which are significantly lower compared to many other European countries. For instance, tuition fees range from approximately €1000 to €2700 per year for Bachelor’s programs and similar costs for Master’s programs. Additionally, the average monthly living expenses, including accommodation and food, range from €200 to €400, with student accommodation as low as €35 per month and student public transport pass with €20 per quarter.  

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