The Ultimate Guide to Moldova Company Formation

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Why Company Formation in Moldova?

  • Strategic Location: As a gateway between the EU and CIS, Moldova company formation offers access to expansive markets.
  • Favorable Taxation: Benefit from Moldova’s attractive tax policies and international treaties.
    • 7% Unique tax for IT companies and professionals, facilitating tax optimization. More about the 7% tax
    • 4% tax on revenue for companies not registered for VAT, reducing the fiscal burden and simplifying tax compliance.
  • Skilled Labor: Capitalize on a resourceful, multilingual workforce skilled in IT, agriculture, and more.

Business Entities for Your Moldovan Business Setup

Choose the right fit for your venture:

  • Individual Entrepreneur (II): For solo business endeavours.
  • Limited Liability Company (SRL): Preferred for small to mid-sized ventures.
  • Joint Stock Company (SA): Designed for larger enterprises, facilitating public capital raising.

Company Formation Process

  1. Reserve your business name through the State Registration Chamber.
  2. Assemble key documents like Articles of Association and IDs.
  3. File with the Public Services Agency, followed by tax registration.
  4. Acquire additional licenses as per your business needs.

After Your Company is Set-up in Moldova

Secure a bank account and employ a local accountant to manage financials according to Moldovan standards. If you want it off your shoulder, use this link to inform yourself about bank account opening in Moldova, and get a better understanding of the process. We can assist you along the way. Stay proactive about legal and tax updates. Here you can read more about Licensing Services in Moldova and you can always contact us if something is not clear.

Navigating Challenges in Moldovan Company Formation

Prepare for potential bureaucratic delays and consider local assistance for language hurdles. Monitor the economic landscape to make informed decisions.

Investment Opportunities Post-formation

Moldova’s economy offers fertile ground for sectors such as organic agriculture, burgeoning IT, and cost-effective manufacturing.


Company formation in Moldova can be your avenue to business success in Eastern Europe, provided you’re backed by comprehensive research and expert local advice. Leveraging Moldova’s strategic position and sectoral growth can yield substantial rewards. Partner with us—your dedicated ally in your business setup—to ensure your business starts strong and thrives.

Check out our full and comprehensive overview on our Company Formation in Moldova Page

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