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Why Moldova Company Registration is Popular: The Advantages of Starting a Business In Moldova 

Low actual profit tax while an important reason, is not the only motive why businessmen are interested in registering a company in Moldova.

— Non-EU Member Advantage: As Moldova is not a member of the European Union, companies operating here are not bound by certain EU regulations. This includes non-participation in the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), offering additional privacy and reduced bureaucratic overhead for businesses. This can be particularly advantageous for companies that prioritize confidentiality and minimal compliance-related constraints.

—  Strategic Geographic and Economic Position: Located at the crossroads of Eastern and Western markets, Moldova offers strategic access to both regions.

—  Remote Work Flexibility & IT Visa: We understand the value of flexibility in today’s IT landscape. Offering remote work options without territorial restrictions and an IT Visa program for expatriates—extending up to 4 years for IT managers—Moldova is dedicated to attracting the best talent from around the globe.

What is Another Benefit of Company Registration in Moldova: Taxation

IT Companies: Moldova offers a low tax rate of 7% for IT businesses. With Europe’s first e-Park, Moldova Innovation Technology Park (MITP) offers a community where IT companies thrive, offering an unique 7% tax for companies and IT employees.  
 Industrial Companies: Industrial Enterprises registered in Moldova benefit from a 6% tax rate.
◊ Personal Income Tax: The personal income tax rate is set at 12%.
◊ Corporate Tax for LTDs: Limited Liability Companies are subject to 12%tax rate in Moldova. 

What Type of Company Formation is Possible in Moldova?

— Limited Liability Companies (SRL) 
— Joint Stock Companies (SA) 
— Individual Enterprise 
— General Partnership 
— Limited Partnership 
— Subsidiary, Branch or Representative Office

How Long does it Take to Register a Company in Moldova?  

After the documentation is approved and the governmental fee for company registration is paid, with our support the company is registered within 24 hours

Preparation and Submission of Accounting Statements

After registering the company in Moldova, the owner must keep accounting and file annual statements. 
We can recommend our trusted partners for accounting services in order to ease your process. 

How to Register a Business in Moldova: 

We offer services for Moldova company registration. We can: 
— Open a Moldovan bank account for you;
— Open a company in Moldova;
— Optimize taxation in Moldova;
— Offer support with financial statements.

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