Residence in Moldova

Residence in Moldova for EU and non-EU citizens

Imagine a life nestled in a charming European nation, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, rich history, and a warm, welcoming culture. Moldova offers this and more, with a surprisingly low cost of living and a business-friendly environment.

Here’s why Moldova might be your perfect fit:

        ⇒ Affordable Lifestyle: Enjoy a high quality of life without breaking the bank. Moldova boasts some of the most competitive living costs in Europe.
        ⇒ Tax Advantages: A haven for entrepreneurs, Moldova offers attractive tax rates and streamlined business registration.
        ⇒ Effortless Business Setup: Forget complex procedures. Setting up a business in Moldova is refreshingly straightforward.
        ⇒ Exceptional Quality: Moldova takes pride in its high-quality services, from healthcare to education, ensuring a comfortable and enriching experience.
        ⇒ Cultural Tapestry: Immerse yourself in a vibrant blend of Eastern European traditions.

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What is a tax residence in Moldova?

A tax resident in Moldova is typically defined as an individual or a legal entity that is subject to tax in Moldova on their worldwide income.

For individuals, tax residency is often determined by physical presence and a resident permit — if someone spends more than 183 days within a calendar year in Moldova and have a resident permit in Moldova, they are generally considered a Moldovan tax resident. Additionally, individuals with a domicile (the place where they live with the intent to remain) in Moldova may also be treated as tax residents.

When do one needs to change his/her tax residence?

One might consider moving the tax residence to Moldova if he/she is looking for a place with lower personal income tax rates compared to current country. The average income tax rate in Europe is around 30%, and Moldova offers more favorable conditions of 12% for all professions except IT, for IT Professionals and IT Managers the unique personal income tax is 7%. 

Here’s when shifting one’s tax residence to Moldova could be a good idea:

— High Taxes at Home: If one’s country has high income taxes, one could save money (around 18-20% of the income) by moving your tax residence to Moldova.
— No Need to Move: One doesn’t necessarily have to live in Moldova full-time to benefit from its tax system.
European Grants: There are various European grants available now that might benefit one’s business if you’re a tax resident in Moldova.
Expat Community: Moldova has a growing community of expats, so one will find plenty of opportunities and like-minded people.
Business Opportunities: With a burgeoning economy, Moldova presents numerous business and investment opportunities.

Remember, changing one’s tax residence can be complex, and each situation is unique. It’s important to contact us to understand all the implications and ensure you comply with the necessary legal requirements prior to taking any action.

What are the reasons to get a Moldovan Tax residence?

Moldova’s tax system is very inviting for expats and foreign entrepreneurs due to 12% income and corporate tax rates, and an even sweeter deal of 7% for IT, call centers, and HR firms. In case of Moldova you are left 18-20 cents every euro earned. Moldova‘s not just tax-friendly; it’s welcoming for new businesses. Easy company registration in Moldova, English speakers ready to collaborate, and a government that gets business makes setting up shop here smooth sailing.

Additionally, in Chișinău, enjoy city life without the high costs, or find peace and stunning views at low prices in the countryside. Moldova’s got the perfect mix for building businesses: great tax deals (one of the lowest personal income tax in Europe), a friendly business vibe, and living costs that let you dream bigger. Ready to make your move, open a bank account, or grow your empire? Moldova’s waiting, contact us. 

How to become a resident of Moldova?

Moldova provides various pathways to obtain residency, catering to different professional needs:

1) IT Park Visa: Tailored for those in the tech sector, this visa is available if you become a part of the Moldova IT Park, whether as an entrepreneur who set up a company in Moldova IT Park, IT specialist, manager, or a freelancer providing services accepted by Moldova IT Park. You’ll need to either establish an IT company in Moldova, be employed by one, or offer IT services independently. Proof of involvement in IT-related activities, HR, or call centers is required.

2) Investment Visa: This option requires a certain level of investment in Moldova. You have to set up a company in Moldova in order to become a Moldovan resident or to buy property in Moldova. It comes with the perk of allowing your family get a resident permit in Moldova using the same application.

3) Work Visa: If you have employment in Moldova, your employer will usually handle the immigration process, which may involve collaborating with a law firm like ours to arrange your paperwork before your arrival.

Our firm offers comprehensive assistance for these processes, from preparing your application to issuing an invitation for relocation. We also collaborate with real estate partners to help you find a suitable living space and connect you with concierge service providers for a smooth transition. Contact us for guidance on these options.

What are the steps to receive a residence in Moldova?

Steps to Acquire Tax Residency in Moldova:

1. We’ll provide a checklist of documents you’ll need for identity verification as part of our due diligence process.

2. If you’re aiming for the IT Park Visa or Investment Visa, we’ll create a power of attorney for setting up your business in Moldova, whether that’s forming a company or starting as a private entrepreneur, as well as for opening a local bank account. For real estate investments or startup investments (a minimum of 20,000 EUR to meet Investment Visa requirements), we’ll facilitate discussions with our network of partners.

3. We prepare a distinct power of attorney to act on your behalf with Moldova’s tax and immigration offices.

4. You’ll send the required documents internationally to us. Upon receipt, we’ll handle the translation into Romanian.

5. With our assistance, you’ll register your business and open a bank account.

6. We guide you through the residence permit application. You’ll need to visit Moldova for this step to complete the formalities.

7. Lastly, we’ll finalize your application for tax residency.

Our approach ensures compliance with Moldovan regulations and a streamlined process for obtaining your tax residency. For personalized guidance, reach out to us.

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