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Registering a company in Moldova

Registering a company in Moldova is a strategy for solid business growth, not just a tactic for moving your business offshore.
Moldova offers a transparent tax system focused on tax profits. With careful planning of your company’s structure and the wise selection of the legal form, you can significantly lessen your financial load.

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How It Works?

Choose a name for the company

Obtaining confirmation of company registration

Preparation of documents

Opening a bank account in Moldova

Preparation and submission of registration forms

Applying for the right license for the company, if needed

What do you need to know about Moldova before company registration in Moldova?

— The official language is Romanian, but most people speak English and Russian fluently
— Local currency – Moldovan Leu (MDL)
— Moldova operates under a civil law system

There is a low personal and corporate income tax in Moldova of 12%, but there are also opportunities to reduce financial burdens. Therefore, before registering a company in Moldova, you should think about this benefits in advance.

To register a company in the Moldova, you will need a registration and business address. It is necessary for communication with administrative bodies, correspondence, banks and other stakeholders.

What company types exist in Moldova?

— Limited Liability Companies (SRL) – Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, it is used for limited liability.
— Joint Stock Companies (SA) – Suitable for larger businesses, offers the ability to issue shares.
— Individual Enterprise –
Perfect for solo business endeavors, simple structure.
— General Partnership –
Collaboration of two or more individuals sharing profits and liabilities.
— Limited Partnership – 
Combines general partners with limited liability partners.
— Subsidiary, Branch or Representative Office –
Acts the same way as the Limited Liability Company

You can read more about different company types in Moldova on this link.

How to choose a name for a company in Moldova?

The name of the company is crucial when in comes to company formation in Moldova as it is a showstopper in some cases. In order to choose the right company name you have to take into considerations the requirements from the state.

In Moldova the names in English are still not widely used, therefore you do not have to be creative when choosing a company name. But you should consider that a thorough check has to be done before submission of company name. Try to avoid such words as “Moldova”, “Investment”, “Consulting”, “Finance” or other generic names because they will not be accepted and they do not add any differentiation. 

You can read more about different company types in Moldova on this link.

What documents are needed for company formation in Moldova?

For successful company setup in Moldova the following documents are required for ours and bank’s due diligence:

A scanned copy of passport
A scanned copy of a utility bill issued not later than three months prior to submission
A scanned copy of a bank statement issued not later than three months prior to submission
A power of attorney certified by a notary and apostilled – it can be done at any Moldovan Embassy or at any notary in the country of residence

How long does it take to register a company in Moldova and open a bank account?

Company registration process in Moldova comprises of three steps: 

 Reservation and approval of the name takes 1-4 hours since the moment of submission
 Company registration in Moldova takes 1-2 business days since the moment of submission
 Bank account opening takes 5 to 10 business days 

Where are my documents stored?

The documentation you share with us is stored on our secure servers in Switzerland. 

We use the following technologies to make sure the conversation with our clients is stored in the safest possible way:
High-performance elliptic curve cryptography (ECC Curve25519) to secure your files
OpenPGP standard – we rely on the open-source and battle-tested OpenPGP end-to-end encryption standard
End-to-end encryption – we use high-performance, client-side end-to-end encryption with large files by splitting large files into 4 MB chunks. Each chunk is signed with a hash to prevent removal or reordering.
Digital signatures which is an essential part of maintaining security of your files is knowing if your data has been tampered with. Our servers use cryptographic signatures to verify the authenticity of files and folders.s

Why register a company in Moldova?

Company setup in Moldova has multiple benefits such as: 

Low actual profit tax while an important reason, is not the only motive why businessmen are interested in registering a company in Moldova.

— Non-EU Member Advantage: As Moldova is not a member of the European Union, companies operating here are not bound by certain EU regulations. This includes non-participation in the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), offering additional privacy and reduced bureaucratic overhead for businesses. This can be particularly advantageous for companies that prioritize confidentiality and minimal compliance-related constraints.

—  Strategic Geographic and Economic Position: Located at the crossroads of Eastern and Western markets, Moldova offers strategic access to both regions.

—  Remote Work Flexibility & IT Visa: We understand the value of flexibility in today’s IT landscape. Offering remote work options without territorial restrictions and an IT Visa program for expatriates—extending up to 4 years for IT managers—Moldova is dedicated to attracting the best talent from around the globe.

What is Another Benefit of Company Registration in Moldova: Taxation

IT Companies: Moldova offers a low tax rate of 7% for IT businesses. With Europe’s first e-Park, Moldova Innovation Technology Park (MITP) offers a community where IT companies thrive, offering an unique 7% tax for companies and IT employees.  
 Industrial Companies: Industrial Enterprises registered in Moldova benefit from a 6% tax rate.
◊ Personal Income Tax: The personal income tax rate is set at 12%.
◊ Corporate Tax for LTDs: Limited Liability Companies are subject to 12%tax rate in Moldova. 

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