Bank account opening in Moldova

Open a bank account in Moldova. Distinctive features of the procedure

When considering opening a bank account in Moldova and using banking services here after company setup in Moldova, it’s crucial to make a thoughtful selection of a bank to ensure favorable financial conditions. Typically, entrepreneurs engaging in business with overseas partners need a local and foreign bank account.

Accounts in Moldovan banks offer multiple benefits to their holders, such as:
⇒ Competitive interest rates on deposits.
⇒  Secure asset storage.
⇒  Protection of personal data confidentiality.
 Extensive investment opportunities spanning securities, real estate, and other lucrative assets.

Moreover, Moldovan bank accounts empower business professionals to seamlessly conduct international financial transactions and trade dealings with clients. However, it’s important to exercise due diligence in selecting the appropriate bank or jurisdiction for opening a bank account, where we can help.

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Is it possible to open a bank account in Moldova remotely?

Today, entrepreneurs have the option to open a bank account in Moldova without visiting the country, but not all banks offer this service. This is because banks need to verify customers thoroughly if they spot any discrepancies in the application. So, if you’re looking to open remotely a bank account in Moldova after company formation in Moldova, you’ll have to go through a process called Due Diligence. In some cases, banks can do this remotely with us acting on your behalf with a power of attorney, but other times, you may need to be physically present for an interview.

Due Dilligence means gathering and analyzing information to decide whether or not to work with a particular client. If the bank considers financial, legal, and other risks to be high, they will require further documentation to be presented in bank’s premises.

If the bank requires your presence for Due Diligence, you can’t open a Moldovan bank account remotely. However, in all the cases, a preliminary assessment can be done remotely.

What documents are needed for opening a bank account in Moldova?

In every instance, opening a corporate bank account in Moldova requires the submission of specific documents. The requirements vary across banks, adding to the time and potential challenges involved in the process, such as the need for supplementary paperwork.

Navigating the process of opening a foreign bank account without assistance from experienced service providers can be complex. To enhance your chances of approval, you’ll need to provide:

— A set of corporate documents.
— Detailed information about the business, beneficiaries, and account manager, tailored to each bank’s criteria.
— Verification of the identities of both the beneficiary and the account manager, if they are different individuals.
A brief overview of the company’s operations, including its products, business partners, projected account turnover, and more.
Evidence of the residential addresses of the beneficiary and the account manager.

If you’ve made the choice to open a bank account in Moldova, reach out to our experts. The list provided above outlines only the fundamental prerequisites. However, in certain cases, additional documents may be necessary for opening Moldovan bank accounts. Therefore, it’s advisable to entrust this procedure to professionals. Otherwise, you run the risk of encountering rejection, making the opening of a Moldovan bank account unattainable.

What types of bank accounts exist in Moldova?

Depending on your objectives for opening a bank account in Moldova, banks can present you with various account options:

— Current accounts: These are essential for conducting commercial activities, as well as managing personal expenses and income.
Card accounts: Future credit card holders need to open such accounts abroad as they are utilized to track transactions associated with the card.
Deposit accounts: Intended for storing funds over the long term to generate substantial returns.
Private investment cards: Employed for making long-term investments in securities.
Brokerage accounts: Necessary for companies offering brokerage services in the securities market.

What are the banks which exist in Moldova?

Moldova is becoming stronger economically, and its banks are ready to help people and businesses with best banking services in the region. There are 11 great banks you can choose from, whether you want to open a personal or business account. This is great for tech companies and businesses in special economic areas.

We collaborate closely for multiple years with the following banks:

Banca Comerciala „MOLDOVA – AGROINDBANK” S.A. – Partnered with HEIM Partners Limited, which includes the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Horizon Capital, and AB Invalda INVL.
Banca Comerciala „Moldindconbank” S.A.
Banca Comerciala „VICTORIABANK” S.A. – Part of Grupul Banca Transilvania, a leading financial group in Romania.
OTP Bank S.A. – A part of the OTP Group, a significant player in the Central and Eastern European banking sector.

These institutions are ideal for anyone interested in bank account opening in Moldova, offering competitive fees and specialized services for businesses, especially in the IT sector and Free Economic Zones.

Exclusive services only from us - Support of work with the bank account

We offer guidance on managing bank accounts correctly and provide comprehensive instructions for optimizing interactions with banks.
We assist with addressing immediate concerns, such as preparing necessary documentation for transactions and adjusting limits.
We act on behalf of clients in negotiations with banks to address issues of different levels of complexity.

Why should one choose Incorpore as a trusted advisor and service provider?

Before submitting documents to the bank, our company will help you:

Fill out all necessary forms;
Communicate with bank managers;
Correct (if necessary) and submit the entire package of documents for preliminary review by the bank;
Organize a video conference with the bank manager and assist in answering all questions.

In addition, our team has more than 20 years of combined experience in consulting and will find the most optimal solution for you and your company if a bank account in Moldova does not suits your needs. 

What are the considerations when Incorpore advise the country and bank for corporate bank account opening."

When guiding nonresident corporate entities on selecting the right country and bank for opening a corporate bank account, we consider various key characteristics:

1. Company Profile: We analyze the operating industry of the company.
2. Residence and Citizenship: We assess the residence and citizenship status of company UBOs and officers.
3. Partnerships: We evaluate the company’s relationships with suppliers, clients, partners, and contractors.

In each case, we meticulously consider:

⇒ Banking System Stability: Prioritizing countries with stable and reliable banking systems to safeguard our clients’ funds.
Regulatory Environment: Ensuring transparency and favorable regulations, including clear laws on taxation and financial stability.
Political Stability: Choosing countries with stable political environments to mitigate risks.
Taxation Policies: Evaluating tax policies to optimize our clients’ tax obligations.
Banking Privacy: Assessing banking privacy laws to protect financial information and comply with regulations.
Accessibility and Convenience: Considering ease of access to banking services, including online facilities and branch availability.
Currency Options: Selecting countries with favorable currency options aligned with clients’ business needs.
Network of Correspondent Banks: Verifying correspondent bank networks for smooth international transactions.
Account Opening Requirements: Understanding documentation and requirements, including residency and due diligence procedures.
Supportive Business Environment: Advising countries with business-friendly environments to foster growth opportunities.

We tailor our recommendations to each client’s unique needs, risks, and variables, ensuring the best solution for their situation.

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