Why IT Companies choose Moldova Company Formation?

Office Setup in IT Company Formation in Moldova

Moldova’s IT Sector: A Hidden Gem in Europe

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Moldova is emerging as a hotspot for IT companies looking to expand or establish their presence in Europe. With a burgeoning IT industry and an array of incentives, it’s no surprise that the phrase “company formation in Moldova” is becoming a common refrain in tech circles.

Fiscal Incentives: A low tax of 7% for IT Businesses

When IT companies consider locations for expansion, tax regimes play a crucial role. Moldova offers a corporate income tax (CIT) rate of 12% for non-IT businesses, with potential reductions for specific business categories, such as IT businesses at 7% unique tax and SMEs at 4% under certain conditions. These favorable tax rates are a significant draw for companies.

The Allure of Free Economic Zones (FEZs)

Similar to Moldova’s FEZs, IT Park provide enticing incentives for IT companies. These zones offer reduced CIT rates, VAT exemptions, and freedom from customs duties. Notably, IT companies setup in Moldova exporting services may enjoy CIT exemptions for up to five years, contingent upon investment in the FEZs.

The Role of Incorpore in Your Business Journey

Setting up a company in a new country can be daunting. Incorpore, with its expertise in the local legal and business, acts as your navigator through the administrative and regulatory maze. From understanding how to create a company in Moldova to navigating the tax advantages of IT parks, Incorpore offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a smooth transition for IT companies.

Embracing the Digital Future in Moldova

The digital nomad culture and IT sector in Moldova are ripe with opportunity. With the aid of Incorpore, IT companies can leverage the full spectrum of benefits offered by the Moldovan government while conducting the company formation in Moldova.

Final Thoughts

As the IT sector looks for new opportunities and expansion possibilities, Moldova stands out with its unique blend of incentives, skilled talent, and strategic location in Europe. “Set up a company in Moldova” isn’t just a keyphrase; it’s a strategic move towards sustainable growth and success in the IT industry. With the guidance of Incorpore, your business can harness the full potential of what Moldova has to offer.

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